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Meet Expectations

Customers have expectations of your brand. Exceed them to impress them.

Provide Great Service

Provide franchisees an operational plan, guidance, and tools for smooth operations happier employees great service.

Monitor, Mentor, Grow

Without consistent oversight and guidance, franchisee behavior is uncontrollable.

Work Together

As a team of three, you, franchisees, and customers must work together. Your tools should be built for the team.

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How it Works

How it works:

  • Use AQUA at locations
  • Uduwa distributes results
  • Franchisees address issues
  • Analytics' pinpoints issues
  • Management takes action
  • Customer experience enhanced

Behind the scenes:

Franchisor Features



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Repeat Violation Tracking

Your Web Portal

Data Analytics / Reports

Workflow Automation


Excellent ROI, real world results

Franchisor Monthly Pricing*

* Estimated Recurring Monthly Cost (taxes not included)
501 - 1000 locations
$1.99 per evaluation desired per month
  • $300/month base price
  • Unit increments: 10
  • Fully Featured: Yes
1000 - 1500 locations
$1.99 per evaluation desired per month
  • $350/month base price
  • Unit increments: 15
  • Fully Featured: Yes
1500+ locations
Contact for custom pricing
  • Custom Volume Discounts
  • Unit increments: 15
  • Fully Featured: Yes
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